A few years ago, I participated in developing a Pandemic Preparedness Plan for the Village of New Maryland. In the process, I learned some things I’d like to share with you.

Thorough hand washing has already been stressed. However, in doing this, we should be aware that germs can take shelter underneath rings. That’s why we either remove rings or have them taped over before going into surgery.

When washing hands, be sure to go over the backs of the hands as well as the palms. To clean underneath fingernails, either use a nail brush or rub the tips of your fingers over the palms of the hands after the palms are well lathered. Keeping nails shorter will help in getting them cleaner.

Where possible, use a separate hand towel for each household member. Keep toothbrushes separated from each other.

Viruses can live on hard surfaces for three days or longer. Non-porous surfaces like metal and hard plastics are places they can survive best. More porous items like cardboard may host a virus for 24 hours or less. Soft surfaces like clothing are somewhat less likely to be contaminated for a significant time. However, I wouldn’t want to use a scarf or gloves recently worn by someone else!

Best of all, pray for God’s perfect will to be done!