Reflections on Proverbs Ch. 3:


Do you want a peaceful heart and spiritual riches? Then let love and faithfulness be your permanent guides. God hasn’t called you to resentment and retaliation, nor to values that shift with public opinion. Start with loving Him and staying faithful to His Word, and you’ll be well on your way.

Here’s something that is crucial and will require monitoring: trust. There can’t be any half-measures here, no partial points. You will either trust God will all your heart, or you’re not really trusting Him at all — you’re just hoping. A sure sign you’re lacking trust in Him is proceeding on your own. Drawing up your own map only ensures that you’ll zigzag through life, taking fruitless and sometimes painful detours. Using your GPS — God Positioning System — will show you the best route and keep you on track.

If you think you’re already wise, smarten up! You may have come a long way, but whatever you’ve acquired is a drop in the ocean. Human wisdom boils down to knowing enough to go to the Source, and not taking tempting shortcuts. Those shortcuts just lead to short-circuiting the process.

Whatever you have, use it in a way that honors God. Don’t be too eager to congratulate yourself; you have no ability He hasn’t given you. Don’t be a slave to your possessions; be a servant who willingly and gratefully shares.

When you fall short or stumble along the way, don’t be dismayed. That’s bound to happen, and no one is exempt. The important thing is to learn from it as part of God’s discipline. He loves you enough to give you consequences that pull you up short. He’s not pummeling you; He’s kneading you into shape.

Finding God is finding wisdom. Understanding that truth surpasses everything. It’s the source of authentic living.

If you want life’s full and richest blessings, take hold of the door to God’s leading and don’t let go of the handle. Keep it always in your mind that His own Holy Spirit lives in you, ready to help when you ask. Being aware of and alert to God’s direction makes fear dissolve; His peace flows in to take its place.

The snares life presents and Satan uses will still be there, ready to trip, trap and even cripple the unwary, so be vigilant. Don’t get lax about doing good whenever you can. Don’t be quick to make accusations or plans to get even or to take advantage. Don’t envy the powerful or those who grab what they want by assaulting all that is right and honorable. These reactions and attitudes are the reverse of what God inspires. In doing these things, we generate our own curses and forego His blessings.

So be wise and live with honor, and you will inherit honor from God. Fools who persist in going down the wrong paths can expect only shame.

So pay close attention to your GPS, and choose the better inheritance.