Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change . . . (Ja. 1:17)


With each new day and season, I marvel at God’s gifts of beauty.

The warm, rich colors of the fall leaves always amaze me.  Then comes the wonder of snow sparkling in the sun, coating the bare branches in soft white blossoms against a deep blue sky.  The delicate green of newly budded spring leaves brings the wonder of life renewed and refreshed.  Summer opens arms of soothing shade under branches laden with every tint of green — a place to sit and soak in the riotous flowering colors all around.

God’s gifts change with each day and every season; His love and purposes remain the same.  Our challenges change; His power and goodness endure.  He has given us gifts of beauty that remind us of His lavish love for all who will open their eyes to them.

In this calendar week 25 years ago, my cherished husband went to be with Jesus.  On the morning of his funeral, I got out of bed and went automatically to the window to raise the blind.  The sun had risen, and its radiance reflected gloriously from the ice-coated branches of the tree just outside. The unexpected beauty caught my breath, and I thanked God for it.

It was His gentle reminder that His glory was still shining into my life; it could still impact me even at this darkest time.  It was a special, loving gift to encourage my heart and show me yet again that nothing — nothing — could separate me from His love and care.

What gifts of beauty, I wonder, will He give to each of us us today?