Reflections on Psalm 116:

I love the Lord, because He is God who hears — and responds. He heard my cries for mercy, and because He heard and answered, I know I can call on Him all my life.

Trying to do life my own way put me on the road of no return, hobbled and helpless, overwhelmed to the point of death. Then I remembered to put myself in God’s hands. He held me there with compassion and grace, showing me what righteousness really is. I had been caught off-guard, but He protected me; He became my armor. When I was afraid it was all over for me, He saved me.

Now my soul can go back to resting in Him, because I’ve experienced His awesome goodness firsthand. He delivered me from a needless death, even the death of hope. Now my eyes shine with joy, not from tears. He kept me from stumbling over my own hopelessness and helplessness into the pit of self-pity. Now I can walk in His presence and stay there, experiencing what it is to be truly alive.

When I was at my lowest, I realized that all the people who said they could help didn’t. They all let me down, even the ones who meant well. But I trusted in You, Lord, and You were rock-solid. What can I possibly do for You in response?

I’ll put You front and centre in my life, Lord. With You as my helper, I’ll make good on all my promises to You, the most important being to make You Lord of my life. I won’t be wishy-washy or vague about what and Who I believe; no one will have to wonder Who I serve. I’ll share the good news of salvation every time You prompt me, and trust You to do the rest.

When the time comes for me, I won’t fear death, knowing how precious I am to You and that I’m going home to my Father. I’m finally free of the chains of fear and doubt; thank You, Father. I want to make the rest of my life an offering of thanks to You. Help me to do Your will in Your way as a living testament to all I meet.

I praise You, Lord!