Reflections on Psalm 130:

Lord, I’ve bottomed out. I can’t go any lower without being in the grave. I’m asking for Your mercy, well aware of all the ways I haven’t honored You, or listened to You, or come to You in the past. I know I don’t deserve Your mercy; I’m just thankful to know that You’re ready to forgive me when I’m truly sorry and want to change. I’ve come to the place where I want to stop serving myself and serve you instead.

Father, You have waited for me to reach this point; now I’m resolved to wait for You. You have been infinitely patient with me; I want to be patient for Your perfect timing. It may seem like an endless night of sitting awake, and I’m yearning for the dawning of Your light; but by your grace I will wait, watch for You, and pray.

I won’t do all this in isolation, Lord. I will encourage others to also put their hope in Your love. Our love so often flounders and fails, but Yours never does. Only You can – and have – paid the full price of my redemption. You’ve taken the empty bottle that is my life and redeemed it at full price. Not only that, but You have filled it to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit, and You will do the same for all who bring their emptiness to You.