Reflections on Psalm 77:

Lord, help me! I need to know You’re listening — that I’m not just speaking into a vacuum. I’m in real trouble, and I need You desperately. I’ve been reaching out for You all night, every night, and I still have no peace.

I haven’t forgotten You, Lord. Have You forgotten me? I’ve been focusing on You, but my spirit is getting weaker and weaker.

I haven’t been able to sleep, and I’ve been so overwrought I sometimes can’t even speak coherently. I’ve thought about our relationship through the years, about how You made my heart sing in the dark. But my distress has given birth to doubts that have worked their way up from deep inside me until they’ve finally surfaced.

What’s going on here, Lord? Are You abandoning me? Are You never going to help me? Don’t You love me anymore? Are You going to break Your promise to me? Have You forgotten how to be merciful? Are You too angry with me to be compassionate?

Note to self: I have to stop giving in to this kind of negative thinking, or it will just get worse and worse. I’m going to draw on everything I know of God, all I’ve experienced in Him through the years. I’ll focus on the miracles He’s done from the beginning; concentrate on all His countless mercies and awesome interventions.

Oh, God, Your ways are holy; who am I to question You? No god that mankind can come up with can hold a candle to You, because You alone are genuine. You are the God who performs miracles; Your power has clearly been on display throughout recorded history. It was Your power that redeemed Your people, and Your Son who completed that work on the cross.

As Your people fled the Egyptians, You made the waters of the Red Sea convulse and pull back. Your voice was in the thunder, Your might flashing in the whirlwind of Your earth-shaking glory. No wonder the earth trembled before You! You led Your people through the sea on dry ground, holding the waters back on both sides. They couldn’t see Your footprints, but Your divine imprint was everywhere. You led Your people as their shepherd, using the human presence of Moses and Aaron.

And now I understand that, though I can see no way through this flood of distress, You are able to make a way that I could never imagine. Help me, Father, not to be overcome by the storm, but to wait for You to lead me through.