Psalm 131, in other words:


My heart is not proud, Lord — and with good reason.  When I think of who I am and who You are, it makes me feel profoundly humble. Whatever abilities I may have are a gift from You.  Whatever character I’ve developed has come from seeking and following You.  Whatever knowledge I’ve acquired about how to live and love has emanated from Your Word and Christ’s example.

How, then, could my eyes be haughty?  By Your grace, You have shown me patience, compassion and mercy all the countless times I’ve fallen short of Your best.

Yet You still love me.

You have shown me the folly of judging others, and the wisdom of learning to discern rather than dismiss.  You have led me, step by step, to understanding that Your heart yearns for every person to find You, and for me to share that yearning.

All this can fill my mind and heart with love, purpose, peace and confidence when other thoughts try to take me in another direction. I don’t have to fuss and fret over things I can’t understand; the wonderful things I do understand are enough to occupy me fully. I don’t need to know the answer to every question. I know the Answer to the quest of my life, the Answer to why I’m here, Whose I am, where I belong, and where I’m going.

When trouble erupts and my heart starts pounding, You have shown me how to wean myself from reacting and turn instead to our relationship. I remember that at the foundation of everything, You are my Father, and I am Your child. I just have to run into Your arms and stay there. I may be crying; I may be in great pain or deep grief. You will understand.  You will comfort.  You will help me.  You will keep on loving me.

Against all odds, You will make me able to be content, because I am able to be with You.