Reflections on Psalm 84:

How amazingly, surpassingly, incredibly lovely! How beautiful, peaceful and reassuring it is to be here with close to You, Lord.

I can’t describe it; I can only revel in it.

I want always to live with You, in You and through You — just as close as I can possibly get. My yearning to be with You is so deep that I have no longer have the strength to stand unless You’re near me. My whole being cries out for You because that’s where real life is — in You.

You care for every living thing, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to me. Even the little birds come to You for shelter for themselves and their young. In the same way, I bring my little ones to You to be nurtured in Your presence. In fact, I’m still one of Your little ones, no matter how old I get. Everyone who lives in Your house, with You as the Father who teaches and guides and loves and protects them, is so blessed they never stop praising You.

I’m so thankful You’ve shown me that any strength I have comes from You. I’m on a lifelong journey with You, and I praise You for it every day. Each new dawn finds me seeking fresh understanding of You, myself and my neighbors. I know I won’t arrive at my ultimate destination until I take my last breath, but the journey is precious because You’re with me. In my quest to be more like Jesus in both character and service, I pray I might be like fresh water in a desert to those I meet along the way. I ask to be filled with Your Holy Spirit, so that Your love might overflow in visible and tangible ways into dry lives that don’t yet know You. I long to become spiritually stronger and stronger until the day I meet You face to face.

I’d rather spend one fleeting day with You, Lord, than a thousand without You. I’d rather be Your most lowly servant than live without You in the greatest luxury the world can offer. You’re the brightness, the warmth, the protector I need. You give me the ultimate honor: You make me Your child and a co-heir of Your kingdom. You give me the opportunity to serve You with my whole heart, making my heart whole in the process. There is no greater favor than this.

I am blessed in every way that matters because I trust in You.