Reflections on Psalm 32:

Blessed are those who come clean with God – and themselves – about their sins, because they walk in the assurance of His forgiveness.

Blessed is the one who doesn’t have to carry the weight of their sin any more, because their repentance is real. They’re not trying to fool themselves or God. They face up to their shortcomings and don’t try to find excuses. Their honesty is the beginning of their cleansing.

When I refused to admit what I had done wrong or neglected to do right, I melted down inside. Your guiding hand became a great weight as it rested on top of my unacknowledged sin. I wilted under the intense heat of your penetrating gaze.

Then I admitted my sin to You and didn’t try to cover it up. I confessed everything, and you forgave my guilt.

So I urge you: even if you feel like you’re drowning in mistakes and shortcomings and deliberate wrongs, call on God to help you turn things around before it’s too late!

Lord, I’m so thankful that I turned from hiding my sins from You, to hiding in You from my sins. When I surround myself with You, You protect me from the worst in myself; my heart sings with real deliverance from the tyranny of wrong thoughts that lead to wrong actions.

Despite all that has gone before, You give me a clean slate. More than that, You promise to lead me and teach me how to follow You; to guide me lovingly as I listen and learn.

One thing I’ve learned already: stubbornly hanging on to my own will, thinking I’m in control, is about as smart as expecting a mule to understand nuclear physics. We have the unearned and undeserved privilege of coming to God; why do we insist on dragging ourselves there only when we’ve exhausted every other option?

Those who thumb their noses at God have all this world’s trouble plus all the extra they’ve brought on themselves. But those who’ve learned to trust God have the assurance of His unfailing love in a failing world. It surrounds them like an invisible shield that softens even the harshest situation; that supplies the inner strength to meet even the greatest challenge; the assurance they are never alone.

So celebrate your loving, empowering relationship with the Creator of the universe, you who live out your belief! Burst into song, you who have put your hearts in His hands!