It’s been too long since my last post. I thought I’d drop a little quote and a link to a sermon here for those of you who are interested, so I wouldn’t leave the blog too inactive!

If you have twenty-five minutes sometime, I cannot more highly recommend you visit the following link:

It’s a sermon by J Kameron Carter, a seminary professor of theology and Black Church Studies. It’s a remarkable sermon on the feeding of the five thousand in John 6. I think it’s the best sermon I’ve ever heard, and it is extremely encouraging, challenging and moving. (Side note: He takes a few minutes to get going, but then look out!)

Here’s a little quote:

Christ was in the crisis.

The places of crisis in our world are bearable because Christ was in the crisis. Christ was in the situation of crisis and that’s what made it so bearable. Despite what they were going through, despite the pain, Jesus was there.

Let me pause for a second and just warn us, because oftentimes what we want is a Christianity geared toward getting us away from the crisis. We want a Christianity that’s geared toward getting us to the suburbs, getting us away from those urbanites, getting us away from those scary folk. Jesus says, “No, if you want to be where I am, you got to go where I am, and I am in the crisis.”

Often the place we are running from is the place where Jesus is.

I’ve sometimes heard people say that have decided to avoid certain situations because they know they will be a burden to them, and they can’t waste their precious time and energy dealing with difficult people or situations. What situations do we avoid because they try our patience too much, or they make us uncomfortable, or they are too difficult? More importantly, how often are we avoiding Jesus in the process?