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Reflections on Psalm 145:

I will exalt You, my God and King, every day in every way; I will praise You always. You are so awesome that I can only scratch the surface of Your glorious love and power.

We know what You have done for past generations because they have told us all about Your mighty acts on their behalf. They tell us, as best they can in limited human expression, something of the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and I spend time meditating on all Your wonderful works for Your people.

Our forebears left us with detailed accounts of Your incredible power evidenced in what You have done, and I eagerly proclaim them to this generation. When they learn about who You really are, they can’t help celebrating Your goodness that goes far beyond abundant. They burst into song because of Your righteousness.

For You, Lord, are full of grace and compassion. You have depths of patience with us that are very slow to be stirred to anger. You have more love in You than in the whole of human love combined.

You are good to every living thing, giving to all the same offer of love. You have compassion on every single person, wanting each one to choose life with You. All the good things You have done bring praise and honor from Your people. They can’t stop talking about them; they want everyone to know You.

Your kingdom has always been and always will be; it’s the one enduring and unchangeable certainty in an uncertain world.

You, Lord, can be trusted to keep Your promises, because faithfulness is central to Your being. You lift up those who are faithful to You — holding them up in Your strong arms, holding them close and assuring them of Your love that transcends everything the world can throw at them.

Your ways are not our ways; Yours are always right and true. You’re always there for anyone who sincerely calls to You. Those who fear You and want to do Your will are assured of Your answer; You hear their anguished voices and save them from the sin that constantly pursues them and wants to destroy them. Because You love those who are faithful, You watch over them for their ultimate good. But for the wicked there is nothing but the guarantee of destruction.

So I will praise You, Lord, and may everything that breathes join me!