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Reflections on Luke 6:20-26

Looking at those who were committed to following Him, Jesus said: “Blessed are you who realize your spiritual poverty and have chosen to gain spiritually instead of materially. You’re the ones who will enter God’s kingdom.

“You’re blessed because you’re hungry for God. You will be filled with His own Holy Spirit. You’re weeping now because of the evil that is in the world, but you will laugh and rejoice forever with Me in heaven.

“You’re blessed when people hate you because you love Me; when because of your faith they exclude you and insult you and call you names. Be happy that they reject you. It’s proof that you’re not like them, who reject God just like their predecessors did.

“But be afraid, you who think your money will save you. You’ve already got all the comfort you’re going to have here, and there will be no comfort for you in eternity.

“Be afraid, you who indulge yourselves in every luxury while others starve. The day will come when you will long for the tiniest scrap of heaven, but you won’t be able to reach out for it.

“Be afraid, you who laugh scornfully at others you consider your inferiors, fools for their faith, pathetic losers in their poverty. In the end, it will be you who is grief-stricken because of the greatest loss of all.

“Be worried when everyone speaks well of you because you tell them whatever they want to hear, instead of God’s truth. The truth is rarely popular, but God’s truth will prevail and you won’t be able to stand unless you take your stand on it.”