A fresh look at the truths of Psalm 19: 7-13:

God’s Word is perfect, and perfectly refreshing to my soul, like a long drink of sparkling cool water when I am parched.

God’s Word can be trusted, and can make even ordinary people like me wise when I trust it absolutely.

God’s Word gives me a profound joy because I know it is right, and it can show me how to be right with God and with others.

God’s Word opens my eyes to His radiance and helps me to reflect His light to others.

God’s Word reveals the pure awesomeness of God that will never diminish.

God’s Word encourages me because it is steadfast in a world of shifting values and relationships, and unfailingly true.

God’s Word is more precious than all the world’s treasures combined, and is sweeter than honey to a famished soul. It warns me of the dangers of trusting in myself or in the world.

God’s Word rewards me when I absorb and honor it.

Father, I need You to help me to see where I’m still going astray, and forgive me for what I haven’t yet realized. Keep me from knowingly walking away from You, rationalizing my faults and excusing them to myself. May You, and not I, rule my passions.