GSCC Outreach and Missions Committee Mission Statement

“To coordinate, support and promote the outreach activities of Gentle Shepherd Community Church at a local, national and international level. Outreach activites may support spirtual, emotional, physical or social needs of the community.”


Summer 2019

Genesis 8:22

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease.”

For most of us, summer is a time of relaxation, an opportunity to enjoy the warm sunny days with our families and friends.  It is also a time of  growth and rejuvenation as our gardens burst out in arrays of beautiful colours and wholesome vegetables and fruits.  Although school is out for the summer, our challenge for the summer months (July, August and September) is to prepare for the return to class in September by collecting school supplies and healthy snack/lunch items. Some suggestions for school supplies include pens, pencils, coloured pencils, glue sticks, 2 inch binders, pocket folders, wide-lined paper, backpacks, and insulated lunch bags. Suggested lunch items are juice boxes, individual snacks, fruit cups, puddings, and nut-free granola bars. If you can help, please leave your donations in the box in the foyer of the church on Sunday morning. 

Deliya, our sponsored child at Chikumbuso Christian School in Zambia, continues to thrive.  Through our sponsorship, Deliya’s family is  provided food on a monthly basis and Deliya receives an education.  For more infomation on the activities of Chikumbuso, check out their website

We are also sponsors to Donalson, the little boy in Cobocol, Haiti. Donalson is ten years old and is doing well in primary school.  His favourite subject is writing and he loves playing ball.  Your assistance in supporting these two children is always welcome!

ISMC (International Student Ministries Canada) has completed a successful semester working with international  students at our universities. Twice a month, FOCUS dinners have been held at our church for students to meet and interact with Christians in the area.  There is also an opportunity for bible study.  Several from GSCC assist with food preparation and join with the students for an evening of fellowship.  ISMC also holds other activities with the students, including helping with groceries, transportation and shopping, games nights, and bible studies.  There is also the opportunity to invite students into your home to share a meal, in particular during special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays.  There has been a tremendous response from students.  If you would like further information on how you can be part of  this ministry, speak with either Seth or Brittany Bevans.  Also, check out their Facebook page, ISMC Fredericton.  This is an exciting opportunity for us to reach out to our close neighbours at our universities.

Tyler and Christiane Horton and their family will soon be leaving for the UK as Tyler works toward a PhD in Biblical Studies at the University of Cambridge while Christiane works with SIM in their UK office. The family has had a busy winter and spring conducting workshops and visiting churches across the country as they prepare for their ministry through the missions agency SIM (Serving in Missions).  As a sending church, we are given the opportunity to provide spiritual, emotional, family and financial support to the family in their upcoming ministry.  Their ultimate goal is to serve where, although there are many Christians, there are few pastoral and theological resources. 

We also continue to volunteer with the Community Kitchen, serving supper on Thursdays to the homeless and others who need a hot meal. If you would like more information on any of our initiatives, or are interested in becoming part of the Outreach & Missions Team, you can contact Carol Scott.